Sparkbrowser is the newest and best web browser, loading pages faster than all current browsers, and organizing content in the most customizeable way possible.

-Welcome to Sparkbrowser

Sparkbrowser is an innovative HTML5 web browser built in Cambrige MA. Our software organizes offline and online content in a new format, an operating system for the web.

About Our Company

Our company was founded in 2010 to gain marketshare. when only 5 companies control the entire browser market, there is little competiton, and limitless possiblilty in the untapped browser market

Sparkbrowser is a premium web browser, the first of its kind to offer premium services for customers. When the browser is the second most used application on the computer, only after the operating system, it makes sense to own a premium browser.

Being a premium browser users will enjoy exclusive benefits like cloud storage for files, music streaming, and subscriptions to premium news outlets. These services come standard with Sparkbrowser.

Being a premium browser we never sell your information and all of your local data is encrypted.

Sparkbrowser is an innovative new product, combining premium services to traditionally open-source products. allowing users to organize online content in the same way as offline content. For Example saving website articles as an icon on their home-screen.